Siamese or Balinese Available Adult Cats (Tresor Cats in CA)

Available Adult Cats

From time to time a breeder must make the difficult decision to part with beloved cats in a breeding program in order to give the adult cat a chance at a real life as a family pet.  I am a lot more selective about who adopts my retired adult cats because they have unique personalities that must match their potential family.  

NOTE:  All adults that leave my home as "pets" will leave

altered (Spayed/Neutered), and cats that are approved for sale as breeders, will leave intact.

One Adult Cat Available For Adoption.

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Blue Tigerlily of Tresor Cats

Blue Lynx Point Siamese Queen

(TICA Registered)

Note:  Tigerlily is a beautiful cat that was born 6/14/2014 in Washington state.  I got her as a kitten, and she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.  She is still a beautiful cat, and her eye color is second to NONE.  She is a quirky cat, she has a unique meow, and is still quite playful even though she just turned four years old last month.  She does well with children, men, women, etc.  What she does NOT do well with is other female cats.  She is the queen bee, Miss bossy pants in the house, and so it would be better that she be placed in a male cat, or no cat home.  She is somewhat awkward when she first meets or is handled by strangers (including the vet), but if she is given time, and some space, then she will warm up.  She likes to roll around when she is petted, and is very high in predatory drive (chases flies, or feathers like there is no tomorrow), and is in excellent health.  She will leave our home as a pet, spayed, and with a dental cleaning done as well as receive vaccine boosters if needed.

  If this little girl might suit you, let me know by calling me at 916-910-9200 or by emailing me at  

Adult cats may take a bit longer than younger kittens to acclimate to a new home, so please do not inquire of her if you do not understand that important fact.  She is a good cat, has a silky coat, and is worth it.  Rehoming fee will apply.